Babylonian Stones

Twelve monoliths created by Kishar in Atlantis over 10,000 years ago. They contain twelve Moirai demons, all sisters, and can be used as time portals, or they can produce a ‘copy’ of any mortal that pass through.


1.         Diamond Stone - Protected by Alben in Warsaw; contains Damia


2.         Excalibur Stone - Protected by Logan in 21st century Scotland; contains Helia.

3.         Roman Stone -    Protected by D’Aquilla in Rome; contains Celesse

4.         Pharaoh Stone -  Protected by Osiris in Egypt; contains Hepri

5.         Pegasus Stone -  Protected by Poseidon on Antillia; contains Parvan.

6.         Spartan Stone -   Protected by Bakau in Madrid; contains Ziazan.

7.         Star Stone -        Protected by Logan in Star Castle; contains Rayia.

8.         Moon Stone -     Protected by Zoltan in Belgrade; contains Cherika.

9.         Sun Stone -        Protected by Tovin; contains Synnove.

10.        Sky Stone -        Protected by Kronstadt in Munich; contains Aliwe.

11.        Kishar Stone -     Protected by Rose in Florida; contains Kishar; a new stone that replaced            the Cheyenne Stone.

12.       Marduk Stone -    In Caceri, guarded by Hades; contains Tarika.

*         Cheyenne Stone - Destroyed; contained Nabessa.


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