Alben -                         Rules Warsaw; formerly Giordano Bruno, philosopher and

                                    scientist burned at the stake on February 16, 1600.


Bakau -                        Rules Madrid; formerly Gaius Julius Caesar, Roman general and

                                    First Consul of Rome; assassinated and stabbed thirty times by

                                    fellow Romans in the Forum on 15 March 44 BC.


Cornelis -                     Rules Rome; formerly Maximilian Robespierre, an attorney and

                                    politician during the French Revolution, beheaded for treason on

                                    July 28, 1794; killed by Odin’s Raven Forces in modern times;

                                    replaced by Salvatore D’Aquilla.


Kronstadt -                  Rules Munich; formerly Grand Master Jacques de Molay of the

                                    Templar Knights, burned at the stake for hierarchy on March 18,



Marcus -                      Rules Venice; formerly the Greek philosopher Socrates, executed

                                    in 399 B.C. for refusing to join the Athenian Senator; killed in

                                    modern times by the Norse god Odin; replaced by Rose Standish.


Nicolas -                      Rules Paris; formerly Sir Thomas More, Lord Chancellor of

                                    England during the reign of Henry VIII;  beheaded on July 6, 1535

                                    for treason.


Toven -                        Rules Tokyo; formerly Ankokuji Ekei, a 16th century Japanese

                                   warrior- monk beheaded after the Battle of the Sekigahara on

                                    November 6, 1600.


Zoltan  -                      Rules Belgrade; formerly Dr. Charles Richard Drew, an African-

                                    American doctor and researcher in the field of blood transfusions

                                    and blood storage; died after sustaining wounds from a suspicious

                                    car crash in April 1, 1950.


VAMPIRES - DARK ANGELS (mortal vampires):


Lenora -                       Logan’s mother.


Micah -                        Wiccan; works with the Earth Corp.

Pallaton -                     Navajo; a vampire maker; twin brother of Chief Chayton’s who

                                    leads the Cheyenne Mountain Wolf Tribe (modern werewolves);

                                    former captain of the Shadowguard but spied for Dark Angels;

                                    works with the Earth Corp.

Picasso -                      Team leader; former U.S. Ranger in the 101st Airborne Screaming

                                    Eagles; works with the Earth Corp.


Tandor -                      Japanese; fights with a katana; computer genius and avid motorcyclist; works with the Earth Corp.


Rafe -                          A vampire-maker; former leader of the Dark Angels.


SYNDICATE ARMY - (mortal vampires):


General Harris -           Assigned to Rose.


Stone -                         Rose’s guard.


Chan -                          Rose’s guard.


Miller -                         Airmen; deceased.


Fraser -                        Rose’s head guard; master sergeant.


Bull Dogs -                   Team of xix teenagers; formerly from survivors’ camp in Colorado;

                                    Logan’s elite guards.


Panthers -                    Team of six teenagers; formerly from survivors’ camp in Colorado;

                                    Logan’s elite guards assigned with protecting his cloned son Rafe; Leto is

                                    their leader, and Gareth is his best friend.




Richard Mallory -          Second of three brothers, William and Thomas; friend of Dr.

                                    Leopold; time traveled to modern times; died at NORAD.


William Mallory -          A wraith known as Lord Darkmoore; killed by Cadence.


Thomas Mallory -         Commander of knights at Pevensey Castle.


Sir Wallace -                Human; knight; Sir Mallory’s best friend.


Lord Montagu -           Lord of Pevensey Castle, and uncle of Sir Montagu; killed and

                                   replaced by a Vescali; deceased.


Lord Patrick Dunbar -   Earl of Dunbar; uncle of Sir Dunbar; married to Lady Agnes.


Lady Agnes Dunbar -    Called the ‘Black Agnes’; she is secretly a witch and leads a coven.


King David Bruce, II -    King of Scotland.


Sir Mowbray -              English knight; honorable.


The Black Douglas -     Scottish; lord of his clan; older brother of William.


William Douglas -        Scottish; known as the Knight of Liddesdale.


Agnus MacGregor -     Captain of the guard, serves Lord Patrick Dunbar.




Reginald Ingris –        Captain of the TTD; British spy from the American Revolution;

                                  expert in espionage.


Agent Parish -              American; a detective from the 1960s who everyone assumes is

                                    male (she was born intersex); uncle was Stan Parish, and the

                                    partner of Sam Bennet, Logan’s father, on the NYPD; intersex;

                                    romantically involved with Hansen.


KNIGHTS OF THE BLOOD a/k/a  the Old Guards (vampires):


+ Former Templar Knights


Montagu -                   Nephew of Lord Montagu of Pevensey Castle.


Mallory -                      Thomas Mallory; brother of William and Richard.


Sinclair + -                  Scottish; Cadence’s ancestor; of the Sinclair family; spy for King David.


Hansen + -                  Dutch; formidable in battle.


Ramsay + -                  Scottish; a seventh generation former Templar knight, Hansen’s

                                    best friend.


Blake + -                     Scottish; former Templar knight.

Clarence -                    English; father was a poor knight; Blake’s best friend.


Boneville + -               English; father was a knight.


Cameron -                   Scottish; a young knight; former piper for King David Bruce II; knighted by Lord Montagu;

                                   father was a Templar knight


Dunbar -                      First name Colin; Scottish, a young knight; nephew of Lord Patrick

                                    Dunbar, Earl of March; former piper for King David Bruce II; knighted by Lord Montagu.




Dr. Ulrich Gibson -      A Nazi doctor.


Dr. Ekengren -            Deceased


Nurse Willowby -        Dr. Gibson’s assistant.


VESCALI  DEMONS (immortal):


Azazel -                       Prince; first son made by Prince Balan; vicious and cruel.


Samael -                     Prince; second son made by Prince Balan; leads the rebel Vescalis;

                                   kind but easily beguiled; romantically involved with Lilith.


Tamal -                       Priest from the 1340’s England.


Dr. Leopold -               Notorious henchman who worked for Prince Balan; deceased.


MOIRAI DEMONS (immortal - 14 sisters):


Damia -                      Eldest

Helia -                        Second

Celesse -                    Third

Khepri -                      Fourth

Parvan -                     Fifth

Ziazan -                     Sixth

Rayia -                       Seventh

Cherika -                    Eighth

Ishtar -                      Ninth; also a Babylonian goddess; was engaged to Azazel.

Kishar -                      Tenth; also a Babylonian goddess; also known as Ninli.

Synnove -                  Eleventh

Alawi -                       Twelfth

Nabessa -                  Thirteenth; deceased

Tarika -                      Fourteenth; youngest and cruelest.




Ferdinand -                 A security guard.


Liza -                           A maid.


THE RETURNED (cured zombies):


President Gronchi -     Italian president; married (wife is also a Returned).


Captain Abbadelli -     Captain in the Italian Army.




Mia Moretti -               Romeo’s younger sister; made by D’Aquilla and was involved with

                                    him; was romantically involved with Council Cornelis.


Romeo Moretti -         Leader of the Centauro; formerly D’Aquilla consigliore; made by

                                    D’Aquilla; romantically involved with Monique.


Emmet -                      A German vampire; former spy.


Monique -                    Romeo’s girlfriend.


Vladimir -                    Russian ; former bodyguard to D’Aquilla; made by D’Aquilla


Toni -                           American teenager.


Carlos of Barcelona -   Spanish teenager; Toni’s boyfriend.


Peter -                         ‘The British Banger’; a teenager; a girl in disguise


DJ Dreadful  -               Leader of teenagers; was a college student.


Jack the Ripper -           British; teenager; deranged.


Conroy Fantastic -        American teenager; involved with Peter.




President Edward Lang - American president.


Sam Bennet -               Logan’s father; on NYC police special task force, and hunted down

                                    and killed supernatural; deceased.


Stan Parish -                  Sam’s partner; uncle of Agent Parish; deceased.


Montgomery Caliburn - an English lord; professor and scientist who studies ancient

                                    culture in the 19th century; works at the London Museum.


Taha Baqir -                 Iranian archeologist and scientist who studied ancient cultures;

                                    a colleague of Lord Montgomery’s; deciphered the engravings on

                                    the Babylonian Stones.


Cochran -                    English; a professor and associate of Lord Montgomery; works at

                                   the London Museum and studies pagan moon cults in Scotland.




Cerberus -                    Boy; once known as the Dark Lord; Cinder’s consort


Cinder -                       Girl; once known as Queen Cinder.


Raven -                        Logan’s secretary.


Rose Standish -           Once leader of the Dark Angels, and the doctor at the survivors

                                    camp at Seven Falls; she is now sits on the High Council.


Salvatore D’Aquilla –    Once a vampire lord who served Prince Balan; rich and influential,

                                    he now sits on the High Council; involved with Mia Moretti; a

                                    vampire demon maker.




Night Breed -               Werewolf biker gang; Old Ones; leader is ‘Lobo’; inhabit NYC.


Shifters United -          International group of shape-shifters (mainly were-cats loyal to

                                    Balan); leader is ‘Shadow’.




(Chameleons - humans infected with a mutation of the H1N1z virus; the new gods):


Blaze -                        Whisper’s girlfriend.


Cadence -                    Commander.


Dodger -                      Mia’s friend.


Dragon -                      Second-in-command; fights with a katana and a chiza; loves

                                    Freeborn; resides on Pike’s Peak.


Freeborn -                    Strongest woman in the world; loves Dragon.


Phoenix -                     ‘Artemis’ reincarnated; lives in Colorado


Smack -                       Sorceress; lives in Egypt with Osiris; loves Dodger. 


Star -                           Married to Thor.

Thor -                          Third in command; he is ‘Thor’ reincarnated; resides in

                                    Valhalla with his wife Star.


Whisper -                     Deadly sniper; involved with Blaze.




Apollo -                      Greek god; twin brother of Athena; member of the Pantheon of Light;

                                  considers Phoenix his sister; nephew of Poseidon.


Athena -                     Greek goddess; Apollo’s twin; considers Phoenix her sister.


Poseidon -                 Greek god; ruler Antillia; uncle of Apollo, Athena (and Phoenix).


Hades -                      Former ruler of prison in Caceri; Poseidon’s brother; deceased


Lilith -                       An Axon demon; Balan’s sister; also known as Inanna; created the



Loki -                       Norse god; prisoner in Caceri.


Osiris -                     Egyptian god of the dead; lives in Abydos, Egypt with Smack and his school of



Prince Balan –          Royal Axon demon; ruled Atlantis; created the Vescalis, and a mutating virus

                                that created all supernaturals; resurrected and resided in Rafe’s cloned body.




Twelve monoliths created by Kishar over 10,000 years ago. They contain twelve Moirai sisters; can be used

as time portals; or can ‘copy’ any mortal that enters.


1.                               Diamond Stone - Protected by Alben in Warsaw; contains Damia.


2.                              Excalibur Stone - Protected by Logan in 21st century Scotland; contains Helia.


3.                              Roman Stone - Protected by D’Aquilla in Rome; contains Celesse.


4.                              Pharaoh Stone - Protected by Osiris in Egypt; contains Hepri.


5.                              Pegasus Stone - Protected by Poseidon on Antillia; contains Parvan.


6.                              Spartan Stone - Protected by Bakau in Madrid; contains Ziazan.


7.                              Star Stone - Protected by Logan in Star Castle; contains Rayia.


8.                             Moon Stone - Protected by Zoltan in Belgrade; contains Cherika.


9.                             Sun Stone - Protected by Tovin; contains Synnove.


10.                           Sky Stone - Protected by Kronstadt in Munich; contains Aliwe.


11.                            Kishar Stone - Protected by Rose in Florida; contains Kishar; a new stone that replaced

                               the Cheyenne Stone.


12.                            Marduk Stone - Left in Caceri; contains Tarika.


*                             Cheyenne Stone - Destroyed by Freeborn; contained Nabessa.




Cadence’s blood is the only known cure for the H1N1z virus. A synthetic version of her blood was created by

Vescali, Inc. on behalf of General Owen Winters a/k/a Odin, Norse god, but is now used by Chancellor Logan

of the Blood Syndicate.


CB1 -                          Kills vampires; a blue liquid contained in bullets.


CB2 -                          Kills zombies; a liquid contained in bullets.


CB3 -                          Cosmetic enhancer guaranteed to make you look younger.


CB4 -                          Cure for most diseases, except the H1N1z virus.


CB5 -                          Bestows temporary super powers, but has side effects.


CB6 –                          Kills werewolves; used in bullets.




Betas -                         Clones designed to replace individuals chosen for the High

                                    Council; they have no intelligence or emotions.


Replicator -                  A small devise worn behind the ear to change the physical

                                    appearances of agents; alters their voice patterns; also allows all

                                    agents to know and speak all known languages.


Chroniker -                  A watch-like devise worn on the wrist of team leaders, that stops   

                                    time for thirty seconds.


PLR-1 -                        Plasma rifles that cut through anything; a smaller pistol is

                                   also used, though less frequently.


RTB –                           Ready to drink blood; usually human blood; comes in plastic bag

                                    with an attachable straw.


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