Legends are always based on some form of the truth.


The Bloodlines trilogy continues the Dead Hearts series and picks up the fall of Odin and Aries of Athens, defeated by Commander Cadence and her Earth Corps team of superhumans. The world is now in the hands of the Blood Syndicate, led by Chancellor Logan, a vampire demon who convinced the World Federation to approve the Tolerance Act – where all species created by the H1N1z virus can live in harmony. The Chancellor claims he wants to help the World Federation by rebuilding major international cities, provide security and jobs, and exterminate zombies left over by the outbreak. This is something the Earth Corps does not want, and while Cadence’s team attempts to cure zombies, creating the Returned, former zombies who rejoin the human race, the Chancellor has plans of his own.


In his northern Scottish castle, his teams of Time Travel Agents return to the past to retrieve the Chancellor’s High Council members, great men executed for their political or religious beliefs, to return to the 1920s, including Julius Caesar. When cloned TTD agents in ancient Rome intercept Agent Parish’s retrieval team, she discovers a conspiracy in the Syndicate that points to the Chancellor, who may not be who he claims to be.


Meanwhile, the Dark Angels, extracted from Colorado and forced to join the Syndicate’s Time Travel Department head to the hell dimension of Caceri to secure one of twelve Babylonian Stones the Syndicate wants. Captain Picasso and his team soon unravel a mystery that surrounds the ancient monoliths and discovers an ancient rivalry among the Vescali demons that now threatens the stability of the Tolerance Act. Agent Parish of TTD and Captain Picasso of the Dark Angels attempt to discover the Blood Syndicate’s true agenda. Mia Moretti and her friend, Dodger of the Earth Corps, work together to learn Vescali, Inc., survived the Shadow War and plans to clone TTD agents and immortals to build a massive army.  With so many demons and ancient gods in play, war is inevitable between Blood Syndicate and Vescali, Inc., and this places the human race and the “Returned” on the soon-to-be-extinct list.


While our heroes travel through time to try to prevent the war, the Earth Corps watches and waits, but with time running out the Vescalis may finally take control of the planet.


Get ready for Armageddon, because it is coming.







Alben -                        Rules Warsaw (formerly Giordano Bruno, philosopher and

                                    scientist, burnt at the stake on February 16, 1600).


Bakau -                         Rules Madrid; formerly Gaius Julius Caesar, Roman general and

                                    First Consul of Rome; assassinated and stabbed thirty times by

                                    fellow Romans in the Forum on 15 March 44 BC.



Logan -                        Leader of the Blood Syndicate;, supposedly the real Logan Bennet,

                                     actually a Vescali demon named Azazel.


Cornelis -                       Rules Rome; formerly Maximilian Robespierre, an attorney and

                                     notable politician during the French Revolution beheaded for

                                     treason on July 28, 1794; killed by Odin’s Raven Forces in modern

                                     times; replaced by D'Aquilla.


Kronstadt -                     Rules Munich; formerly Grand Master Jacques de Molay of the

                                     Templar Knights, burned at the stake of hierarchy March 18, 1314.



Marcus -                         Rules Venice; formerly the Greek philosopher Socrates, executed

                                     in 399 B.C. for refusing to join the Athenian Senator; killed in

                                     modern times by the Norse god Odin; replaced by Rose Standish


Nicolas -                        Rules Paris; formerly Sir Thomas More, lord chancellor of

                                    England during the reign of Henry VIII, beheaded for refusing to

                                    take the Oath of Supremacy.



D'Aquilla -                     Rules Rome; formerly a vampire lord and Dark Angel; a vampire

                                   maker who has evolved into a vampire demon maker.


Rose Standish -             Rules Miami; first councilwoman; former leader of the Dark

                                   Angels and doctor at the survivors’ camp in Colorado.


Toven -                        Rules Tokyo; formerly Ankokuji Ekei, a 16th century Japanese

                                    warrior- monk beheaded after the Battle of the Sekigahara on

                                    November 6, 1600.


Zoltan  -                      Rules Belgrade; formerly Dr. Charles Richard Drew, an African-

                                    American doctor and researcher in the field of blood transfusions

                                    and blood storage; died after sustaining wounds from a car crash in

                                    April 1, 1950.




Raven -                        Former member of the Vikings; married to Prince Balan; Logan’s   



Rafe -                           A young boy cloned from the original vampire who died in the



DARK ANGELS (vampires):


Lenora -                       Logan’s mother.


Micah -                         Wiccan; former Earth Corp member.


Pallaton -                      Navajo; a vampire maker; twin brother of Chief Chayton's who

                                    leads the Cheyenne Mountain Wolf Tribe (modern werewolves);

                                    former Captain of the Shadowguards.


Picasso -                      Team leader; former U.S. Ranger in the 101st Airborne Screaming

                                   Eagles; and former member of Earth Corp; first name Andrew.


Tandor -                       Japanese; computer genius; former Earth Corp member.


Rafe -                          Earth Corp member; a vampire maker; deceased


SYNDICATE ARMY – (mortal vampires):


General Harris –             Assigned to Rose.


Stone -                         Rose’s guard; former first class airman.


Chan -                          Rose's guard; former first class airman.   


Miller -                         Airmen; dead.


Fraser -                        Rose’s head guard; former master sergeant.


Bull Dogs -                   Six teenagers; formerly from survivors’ camp in Colorado;

                                   Logan’s elite guards; their leader is Gareth, Leto’s best friend.


Panthers -                    Six teenagers; formerly from survivors’ camp in Colorado;

                                   Logan’s elite guards assigned to protecting his son Rafe. Leto,

                                   their leader is a boy of eighteen.




Richard Mallory -           Eldest of three brothers, William and Thomas.


William Mallory -            A wraith; known as Lord Darkmoore; killed by Cadence.


Thomas Mallory -            Commander of knights at Pevensey Castle.


Sir Wallace -                   Human; knight; Thomas' best friend.


Lord Montagu -               Lord of Pevensey Castle; Vescali demon; dead; nephew is Sir Montagu.


Old Ones -                      Breed of vicious werewolves; turn at full of the moon, with

                                       no memory of  human side; morph into creatures that stand

                                       7' to 8’ tall.                             


Wraiths -                        Breed of vampires that live in graveyards.


ENGLAND - 1899


Lord Montgomery Caliburn -  Archaeologist, professor of ancient Roman history.


Professor Taha Baqir -            Archaeologist, professor of ancient Babylonian history.




All Blood Knights  are now agents.


Reginald Ingris –                    Captain; from the American Revolution; expert in



Agent Parish –                        American; a detective from the 1960’s; her father Stan Parish was

                                              Logan’s father’s partner on the NYPD; born intersex; loves Hansen.


KNIGHTS OF ORDER OF THE BLOOD – The Old Guard (vampires):


+ Templar Knights


Montagu -                   Nephew of the Duke of Montagu of Penvensey Castle, of noble

                                    blood; in his in his late twenties, tall, slender, with black hair, dark

                                    eyes, trimmed beard; slightly sinister appearance


Mallory -                     Thomas Mallory, tall, black haired, beard, blue eyes, in his thirties,

                                    son of an English lord, of noble blood; brother of William and



+ Sinclair -                   Scottish; Cadence=s ancestor; of the Sinclair family, a Templar

                                    knight; spy for King David; in his thirties.


+ Hansen -                   Dutch; a Templar knight, tall, funny, triangular beard, long blonde

                                    hair; in his late thirties (so he says).


+ Ramsay -                  Scottish, a seventh generation Templar knight, long red hair and

                                    beard, stocky, with barrel-sized cheat and massive arms; in his



+ Blake -                     Scottish, a Templar knight, brutish, thick set, long, dark hair and

                                    eyes, thick beard; in his late twenties


Clarence -                    English, father was a poor knight, thin, wild eyes, lank brown hair;

                                    in his late twenties.


+ Boneville -               English, father was a knight, in his late thirties, grey haired and



 Cameron -                  Scottish, a young knight, medium size, long red hair, green eyes;

                                    former  piper or King David Bruce II; knighted by Lord Montagu;

                                    twenty years old; father was a Templar knight.


Dunbar -                      First name Colin; Scottish, a young knight; nephew of Lord Patrick

                                    Dunbar, earl of March; medium size, brown eyes, curly red hair;

                                    former  piper for King David Bruce II; knighted by Lord Montagu;

                                    nineteen years old.




Dr. Ulrich Gibson -     A Nazi doctor.


Dr. Ekengren -            Deceased


Nurse Willowby -        Gibson’s assistant.




Dr. Bannick -              A female doctor.


Nurse Francine


VESCALI  DEMONS (immortals):


Azazel -                       First Vescali made by Prince Balan; a prince.


Sabnock -                    Ranked 130th


Samael -                      Second Vescali made by Prince Balan; owns Vescali Inc.; a prince.


Stolas -                        Third Vescali a/k/a the Fire Lord; a prince.


Tamal -                        Priest from the 1340’s England.


Lamone -                     Poses as a Navy SEAL sergeant; a member of the Centauro rebels..


Leopold-                     Dr. Jarvis Leopold; worked for Prince Balan at the Citadel.


MOIRAI DEMONS (immortals – 14 sisters):


Damia –           Eldest

Helia -              Second

Celesse -          Third

Khepri -           Fourth

Parvan -           Fifth                           

Nabessa -         Sixth; dead

Rayia -             Seventh

Cherika -          Eighth

Ishtar -            Ninth; Babylonian goddess

Kishar -            Tenth; a Babylonian goddess; also called Ninli

Synnove -        Eleventh

Alawi -             Twelfth

Ziazan -           Thirteenth

Tarika -            Fourteenth; youngest             




Asmoday -                   Anidaemon dog that resembles a sheep dog that can turn into a

                                    werewolf-type beast in battle


Gremory -                    Anidaemon who resembled an ocelot; her master is Zepar.


Che -                           Ziazan’s sweetheart


Xerxes -                       One of the sisters' many tutors.         


Miandra -                    Ziazan’s female lover.


Deaver -                     A groom; a Luvart demon.


Zepar -                       A wizard.                     


Aisha -                        Azazel’s slave girl.


Zega -                         Zepar’s sister; a witch.


Sallas -                        Tarika’s black winged horse.


Eligos -                        Anidaemon owl.


Nemur -                       Azazel’s black winged horse; an pegasi, a type of anidaemon.


Gusion -                      Anidaemon wolf.


Ipos -                           Anidaemon mouse.


Melphas -                    Anidaemon wolf; brother of Gusion.


Furfur -                        Anidaemon fox.





Memling -                    The magical silver sword of Lord Rafe a/k/a Prince Balan.


Sapphire ring of

the Vescali -                A gift from Balan; the wearer is forced to serve.


Ruby ring of

the Moirai -                 A gift from Balan; the wearer is forced to serve.




Hell Demons –            An elite group of high demons; albino; seventeen feet tall,



Prince Balan –             High Lord of Atlantis; now an emperor; an Axon demon; creator

                                    and father of the Vescalis.


Lilith –                         Lilithia or Inanna; an Axon demon; creator and mother of the

                                    Moirai; and Prince Balan’s sister.


Agares the Marked -    A hell demon.


Lord Astaroth –           A high demon lord.


Lady Q’Vell –              Wife of Lord Valcryss; when she was a human, Stolas was her  brother.                                

Lord Dantallion –       A high demon lord; rules Kingdom of Tranquility.


Lord Valcryss –          A high demon lord; rules the Kingdom of Santorum.




Michael -                     Archangel; fights with a flame sword




Ferdinand -                 A security guard; human.


Liza -                           A maid; human.


THE RETURNED (cured zombies):


President Gronchi –    Italian president; and his wife.


Zachary -                     A survivor at Sterling Castle in Scotland.


Sergeant Roth -           A Scottish soldier stationed at Sterling Castle.


Jeannette -                   Little girl at the Scottish castle.




Bob -                           A guard.


Mia Moretti -               Romeo=s younger sister; made by D=Aquilla and was involved with

                                    him; also involved with Cornelis.


Romeo -                      Leader of the Centauro; formerly D=Aquilla consigliore; made by

                                    D'Aquilla. ; involved with Monique.


Emmet -                      A German vampire; former German spy.


Vladimir -                    Russian; Romeo’s bodyguard; made by D=Aquilla.


Toni -                           American teenager.


Carlos of

Barcelona -                  Spanish teenager; Toni’s boyfriend.


Peter the British

Banger -                     A girl in disguise named Petra.


DJ Dreadful  -              Twenty years old; leader of teenagers.


Jack the Ripper –        British; teenager


Conroy Fantastic –      American teenager; Petra’s boyfriend.                      


Monique -                   Romeo’s girlfriend     




Luda -                          Appears as an eighteen-year-old girl with reddish-gold hair


Camille -                      Appears as a twenty-something woman with short black hair.




Stephen -                     A white werewolf; omega from the Cheyenne Mountain Wolf

                                    Tribe; on loan to the Centauro.


Deaver -                      A Luvart demon; he’s green.


Lamone -                     A Vescali; No. 145 out of 100,000 Vescali.




Dr. Sarah E. Monroe -      Human; doctor at city hospital; in her 30s.


Srgt. Johnson -              A female vampire


Corporal Postell -           Male; US Army veteran in his 30s


Pvt. Dunn -                   A male vampire




Captain Harvey -            9th armored division.


Doran -                         A scout.


DEMON VAMPIRES:                      


Cerberus -                     Ten-year-old boy; formerly the Dark Lord; Cinder’s consort


Cinder -                        Ten-year-old girl; formerly a queen in Colorado


Raven -                        Logan’s secretay; former Dark Angel.




Night League –           European supernatural terrorists; led by Lobo


Shifters -                     International group of shape-shifters; led by Shadow




Lachlan -                     Immortal; god status; uses the magical sword Ferax in battle.      


Blaze –                        Chameleon; Whisper’s girlfriend; lives abroad


Highbrow -                  Chameleon and super-werepuma; dead         


Cadence -                    Chameleon; commander; currently abroad with Lachlan, Apollo

                                    and Athena healing zombies.


Whisper –                    Chameleon; lives abroad.


Dodger -                      Chameleon; Mia’s friend.


Thor -                          Chameleon; third in command; reincarnated; lives in Valhalla;

                                     Draugar commands the Einherjar who defend the fort. Skuld, Mist

                                     and Gunnr are Valkyries who live there as well.       


Phoenix -                     Chameleon; Artemis reincarnated; lives in Colorado; uses the

                                     magical bow Lemris in battle.


Smack -                       Chameleon; sorceress; lives in Egypt with Osiris.      


Star -                           Chameleon; Thor’s wife, lives in Valhalla.


Dragon -                      Chameleon; fights with a katana and chisa.


Freeborn -                    Chameleon; strongest member.




Apollo -                       Greek God; Apollo is his sister and Poseidon is his uncle; he considered Phoenix his sister.


Athena -                      Greed Goddess; Apollo and Phoenix’s sister.


Poseidon –                    Greek God; ruler Antillia; uncle of Apollo, Athena, and Phoenix.


Hades -                        Former ruler of Caceri; Poseidon’s brother; deceased.

Lilith -                         An Axon demon; also known as Inanna; created the Moirai.

Loki -                          Former prisoner of Caceri; whereabouts unknown.


Osiris -                         Egyptian God of the Dead; lives in Egypt.


Prince Balan -              High Lord of Atlantis; former leader of the Shadowguard; created

                                    the Vescalis; created the H1N1z virus; an Axon demon who is

                                    resurrected from death.




Modern day super zombies.


Milo -                          Leader of the pirates off Florida; Humility is his sweetheart.


Humility -                    Formerly called Mary, Milo put her together with bits and pieces

                                    of other women, including Picasso’s former girlfriend Sally.


Gentry -                       A mercenary who works for the Magi.


Donald -                      D’Aquilla’s butler; works for the Magi.


Savoy -                        Claims to works for the Centauro; travels with Luda and Camille.




An ancient Babylonian sect of Shirka priests who serve Prince Balan.




Captain Benedict -      Wing commander of the 27th Squadron


Lance Corporal

Frank Gilmore -           RAF, 27th Squadron


Edward Lang -            American president


Stephanie -                  Rose’s No. 3 secretary


Sam Bennet -             Logan=s deceased father, on a NYC police special task force to

                                    hunt and kill supernatural.


Stan Parish -                Logan=s deceased partner; uncle of Agent Parish.


Sally Wheeler -            A sergeant in the Army, Picasso’s former lover.


Professor Taha Baqir - an Iranian archeologist killed in 1899


Lord Montgomery Randolph - a British archeologist killed in 1899


Dr. Sarah

Elizabeth Monroe -     Miami doctor; worked with Dr. Rose Standish ten years earlier at a

                                  cancer clinic.




Sabnock -                    A Vescali slave.


Tacticus -                     A Tarqali gladiator.




Lobo -                          Leader of the werewolves in NYC.




Shadow -                     Title of anyone who leads the Shifters United.


Lynx -                          A female Persian cat; protects Lord Rafe.


Major -                        A black cat named; protects Lord Rafe.


Ulysses -                      A tabby named Ulysses; protects Lord Rafe.




Twelve monoliths created by Kishar which contain her imprisoned sisters:


1.         Diamond Stone - Protected by Alben in Warsaw; contains Damia


2.         Excalibur Stone - Protected by Logan in 21st century Scotland;

            contains Helia.


3.         Roman Stone - Protected by D’Aquilla in Rome; contains Celesse;

            later Bakau has it in Rome.


4.         Pharaoh Stone - Protected by Osiris in Egypt; contains Khepri


5.         Pegasus Stone - Protected by Poseidon on Antillia; contains



6.         Spartan Stone - Protected by Bakau in Madrid; contains Ziazan;

            later taken to NYC and protected by D’Aquilla.


7.         Star Stone - Protected by Logan in Star Castle; contains Rayia.


8.         Moon Stone - Protected by Zoltan in Belgrade; contains Cherika.


9.         Sun Stone - Protected by Toven in Tokyo; contains Synnove; later

            protected by Mallory.


10.       Sky Stone - Protected by Kronstadt in Munich; contains Aliwe.


11.       Kishar Stone - Protected by Rose in Florida; contains Kishar.


12.       Marduk Stone - Left in Caceri; contains Tarika.


*          Cheyenne Stone – Destroyed; contained Nabessa; dead.




Cadence's blood is the only known cure for the H1N1z virus.  Synthetic Blood was created by Vescali, Inc. on behalf of General Owen Winters a/k/a Odin, Norse god.


CB1 -                         Toxic to vampires


CB2 -                          Kills zombies


CB3 -                          Cosmetic enhancer; guaranteed to make you look younger


CB4 -                          Cure for most diseases, except the H1N1z virus


CB5 -                         Bestows temporary super powers; used by clones; once killed,

                                    bodies deteriorate within seconds.




Beta Clones -              Cloned with the specific purpose to replace the High Council

                                    members; mindless duplicates.


Chroniker -                  A watch-like device used by TTD agent, worn on their wrists and

                                    can stop time for thirty seconds.


PLR-1 -                        Pulse laser rifles used by the TTD that produces a deadly red laser

                                    beam that cuts through anything.


Trackers -                    Implants worn under the skin of the forearms of all TTD agents that allow them to                                            travel through the monoliths.


RTB -                         Packaged synthetic blood; ready to drink blood.


AC-1SF -                    Airship carrier stealth fighters, futuristic war machine, created by

                                    Nazi engineers.


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