Magical Weapons

Daggers of Chi You-   

                       A Chinese god who owned two magical daggers, named Hèn and Sîwáng, for

                       Death and Hate; can be thrown up to two hundred yards with accuracy, and after

                       killing its prey, returns to its owner; first given to Cricket; later, Star is given  the       

                       dagger Hèn and Whisper the dagger called Sîwáng.

Darkness -      A sword that belongs to a Black Valkyrie.

Eveningsong -  Captain Brunhilda of the Black Valkyries's sword; makes it owner

                                     swing faster and effortlessly; must be won in combat to wield.

Ferax -                  Lachlan's magical broadsword; turns all it touches into ashes; made by Vulcan.

Gravedigger -  Sword of a Black Valkyrie.

Grim -                        The Norse god, Freyr's, magical sword; it can fight on its own at his side.

Hannibal's War Horn -     

                       A silver hunting horn used by Hannibal, a Carthaginian  commander who defeated

                       Rome's legions in many battles, namely Trebia, Trasimene, and Cannae; the horn

                       when blown once will summon friends, twice it  lays low the enemy, and three times

                       it brings down walls.


Hèbì -        The Chinese name for Dragon's Japanese chisa means 'snake'.

Hèn -               A magical throwing dagger owned by the Chinese god Chi You; now owned by

                        Star; in Chinese it means Death; the dagger has white bone handle and black

                        blade that will turn red when the owner no longer fears death.

Hera's Magic Mirror -        


                        The Greek goddess, Hera, married to Zeus, and mother of Mars, Athena, Apollo,

                        and Artemis; had a magical mirror used to pay on her husband and his lovers;

                        enables the owners to also transport to any desired location or see the true

                        reflection of anyone; owned by Whisper.

Whip of Mehen  -        

                          An evil Egyptian snake god who turned into a rope to avoid death at the hands of

                          Amun-Ra, but can no longer change back into his original form; it can be used as

                          rope, as a whip that reaches any length and squeeze its prey to death, or turn into a

                          bracelet; owned by Blaze.


Merlin's Ring -    


                       The sorcerer in Camelot known as Merlin created a magical ring that allowed him

                        to control the elements; owned by Dragon; also called the Dragon Ring.

Mjölnir -         

                       The Norse hammer of Thor, the Thunder God; enables him to fly; striking the

                       ground, he can lay low his enemy; or throw it at an opponent and it will return to

                       his hand.


Moses's Quarterstaff - 

                       Owned by Star; can shrink as small as a pencil; commands all elements, fire,

                       water, earth, and air.

Nightstar -       The sword of Gunnr, a Valkyrie; loyal to Thor.

Shadow -         The sword of Mist, a Valkyrie; loyal to Thor.

Skullbreaker -   The sword of Skuld, a Valkyrie; loyal to Thor.

Vescali Blade -  A demon long sword with a lethal poison on the blade that

                                       cannot be washed off; one cut can kill any immortal or

                                       supernatural creature.

Sîwáng -        A magical throwing dagger owned by the Chinese god Chi You; now owned by

                              Whisper; in Chinese it means Hate; the dagger has black bone handle and white

                              blade that will turn to blue when the owner no longer feels hate.

Spear of Destiny –        

                        The spear used by the Roman, Longinus, to kill Christ; the only known weapon able

                        to kill Prince Balan a/k/a the Kaiser.

Thoth's scrying ball -  

                       Owned by Smack; enables her to see the future or the location of any friend; also a

                       means for Anubis to communicate with her.

White Shell Woman -        

                       A Navajo Indian goddess created a magic seashell bracelet that offers protection from

                       demons and evil; owned by Freeborn.


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