Odin's Raven Force

The name Odin calls his massive army of supernatural creatures, the Black Valkyries, and ancient immortals (see Dark Pantheon).  They are the sworn enemies of the Blood Syndicate and the Earth Corps.

When Odin mascaraed as General Owen Winters, he used the term Raven Forces for the U.S. military forces loyal to him.  He hired Vescali demons from Prince Balan's Death Lab to create a line of products that feature Chameleon Blood (see same).  His lab is located in an undisclosed area in southern Florida where he keeps hundreds of supernatural creatures to experiment on; cyborg zombies and halflings, spiders with human heads, are among his favorite creations.

Operation Colossus - The Raven Force’s name for their plan to eliminate all infected people worldwide with a lethal dose of Chameleon Blood to be dispersed by drones and shuttles.  They were successful in Miami where hundreds of vampires perished. 


All illustrations used with Permission © 2017 Brad Voth


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