The Shadowguard And Allies (Vampires)

Bechtel –       Originally from Saudi Arabia, he is determined to climb the ranks and rises to

                                 rank of captain; has a dualistic personality.

Big Mike –       Vampire Maker and Lord of the Northern U.S. states. He lives in Montana

                                 wears a cowboy hat.

Jean-Luc –         In his 30’s, he has grey hair and a scar on his cheek. He was made by Salustra;

                                  he is a spy for the Dark Angels.

Kaiser, the –    His true name is Prince Balan and he is an Axon demon; he has lived on Earth for

                                  10,000 years and used many names. With his demon blood, he created the Vescali

                                  demons and every supernatural creature on the planet; he also created the H1N1z

                                  virus.  He is the leader of Shadowguard and controls the entire U.S.  He can appear as

                                  any human, though normally choses to be seen as a short, bald man; in demon form

                                  he is massive with horns and wings; he travels with a Shadow Guardian who spies on

                                  his enemies.  He is vicious and evil to the core yet has a strange romantic streak and

                                  has been known to make kind gestures to women.


Cerberus –     A royal vampire child of 12 years of age known for being vicious. He was formerly

                                 known as Billy Goat Gruff of the Little Leaguers. He lives at Miramont Castle.

                                 His off-spring all have glowing blue eyes and are prized for intelligence.


Monique –          A beautiful red haired female vampire favored by the Kaiser.

Mr. Rafferty – Vampire Maker and Lord of Los Angeles and entire west coast. He is bald,

                                    overweight, and sweats profusely (all vampires sweat blood).

Pallaton –       Captain of the Shadowguard, he is Chief Chayton’s twin brother. He is handsome

                                 and tall with long black hair; a Dark Angels spy; he was the first vampire made by

                                 Prince Balan in modern times; a Vampire Maker, he turned Raven who he is in love

                                 with; his eyes glow amber.

Queen Cinder –         

                       A royal vampire child of 10 years of age with a lust for blood. She is

                                  formerly Cinderella of the Little Leaguers. Her off-spring all have glowing blue eyes

                                  and are prized for intelligence; most are in the Shadowguard. She owns a white

                                  werewolf named Stephan who she never allows to turn into his human form.

                                  She lives at Miramont Castle with Lord Cerberus.

Salustra –      A beautiful, dark haired Vampire Maker in her 30s. She created the Dark Angels

                                  but remained with the Kaiser. She has glowing violet eyes and is sympathetic to

                                  the plight of humans.


D’Aquilla –       Vampire Maker and Lord of Italy, he is a handsome man in his 40s, with

                                  salt-n-pepper hair and charming manners. He is powerful and rich. He creates a

                                  line of synthetic blood and runs the International Death Games; he also has many



Guardian –        The Kaiser’s demonic protector appears as a black shadow with wings

                                   and horns and is able to move about freely to carry out its master’s bidding.

The Turk –          Vampire Maker and Lord of NYC and eastern coast. He is a large

                                   man in his 40s, known for being cruel and hard-headed.


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