Zombie Classifications

February 22, 2017

Zombie Classifications


Ever wonder what al the types of zombies are in books and movies?  Here’s your one-stop guide to understanding Zombies!

Class 1

Zombified people; zombie slaves turned by voodoo, curses, or drugs.

Example: Raven wore a ring given to her by Prince Balan that made her do
whatever he wanted, until ring was removed.

Class 2

Raised from the grave by magic, curses or enchantments, or from a virus.

Example: The Einherjar and Egyptian mummies.

Class 3

Space zombies; created from a parasite or comet; (not used).

Class 4

Virus: 4(a) slow and stupid; 4(b) fast and somewhat intelligence; 4(c) able to
communicate with one another.

Example: The Scourge produced 4(a) zombies, later zombies became 4(c) and
were able to communicate with one another.

Class 5

Zombies with heart and personalities.

Example: All citizens of the magical island of Antillia. An enchantment allowed
them to live forever, however, their true forms are zombies, and if they leave the
island for any length of time they will age and die quickly. Captain Bartholomew
Black is considered a zombie.

Class 6

Zombies that move fast, in unison, with a herd-like mentality; (not used).

Class 7

Zombie mutants; more monster than anything else; often created in a lab.

Example: Mars a/k/a Aries of Athens has a disease that has caused his limbs to
wither and decay. His arms were pulled off by a vampire in the International
Death Games. He is outfitted with mechanical arms and legs, and half his face his
covered with metal. (Mars is not a Shirka; he does not eat people or zombies).

Class 8

Super zombies; super fast, strong, and talk; difficult to kill.

Example: The Shirka were Class 4(a) until Dragon re-infected them with his strain of the virus, creating super-fast zombies who returned able to think and
speak; pure evil; eat weaker zombies and humans.

Example: Cadence was infected by a zombie, a vampire, and then stung by a bee.
Dragon and Thor have both died and returned from the dead with restored full
powers. Technically, since they died and returned, they are zombies. It’s the same theory for any Chameleon that dies and comes back, or any ancient goddess
or god who comes back from the dead; however, only the XTT are known to have
returned from the dead.

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February 22, 2017

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