For nearly a year, a pandemic of epic proportions has decimated the world’s population, leaving few living survivors to carve out an existence in the aftermath of its wake. The undead, however, are thriving. In Manitou Springs, Colorado, a small group of survivors is making their stand at fortified Pike’s Peak.  The Peak is protected by an electrified cordon and patrolled by teenage scout squads as the local militia, known as the Freedom Army, is stretched thin due to the threat of human scavengers seeking refuge against the constant onslaught of flesh-starved zombies.

As a battle rages between the Freedom Army, scavengers, and zombies, Cadence, leader of a squad known as the Fighting Tigers, finds herself facing a threat she was never supposed to.  With her second-in-command, Highbrow, MIA and her part-time boyfriend, Freedom Army Rafe, acting strangely after a brutal battle that wipes out all of his squadron, Cadence finds herself and the Fighting Tigers holding back a tide of zombies that have gained entrance to the Garden of the Gods.

And after all this, another major battle is on the horizon, one that pushes Cadence into leading the fight for survival without the aid of the Freedom Army.  Amid this battle, a new threat rises; one in the form of two small children, and Cadence learns the fate of Highbrow, and Rafe.


With the Peak lost and the Freedom Army all but decimated, Cadence leaves the camp survivors to the Seven Falls in hope it will offer the resources and protection that are so desperately needed. She and Highbrow not only learn from Rafe about a new mutation of the virus that creates werewolves and other were-creatures as well as vampires, but Cadence herself has been bitten. While she is no longer human, having been bitten by both zombie and vampire, she miraculously shows no signs of mutation. The camp is sent into further turmoil, however, when they discover that a vampire army known as the Shadowguard, have taken residence at the Colorado Air Force Academy, and are herding zombies en masse to their doorstep. When one of her own Fighting Tigers is bitten by a zombie, Cadence sends her best fighter, Dragon, to the academy with a rescue team, but what is waiting for them is much more than they are prepared for. The Keiser, leader of the vampire forces at the Academy, has plans for the survivors at the Falls. And when Rose, a vampire doctor and leader of the Dark Angels, finds that Cadence’s blood could not only be the cure that she has been searching for, but could level the playing field with the Keiser, it could be either exile or death for Cadence and a select few who become something more than human.

BOOK 3:  Vengeful Hearts


Cadence and her new team have taken possession of fallen NORAD. With Highbrow left in command of the survivors at the Falls, he finds himself dealing with not only a strange ailment sweeping through the camp, but also with the repercussions of betrayal. Meanwhile, at a lake beneath NORAD, Cadence finds an ancient monolith being used by the Kaiser to bring Vescali demons from the time of the Black Plague into the present. When two of her teammates vanish through the monolith, Cadence and Blaze go after them, traveling back to the 1340′ where they discover a weapon that can destroy the Kaiser, the legendary Roman spear that pierced Christ. With Dragon set to battle the cyborg zombie, Aries of Athens, in the Death Games to maintain his title as reigning champion, can Cadence win a race literally against time to find her way back to the future before the Kaiser and his vampire army destroy NORAD and the survivors at the Falls?



Senator Powers, Highbrow’s father, and General Winters have arrived in Colorado Springs with the promise of helping the survivors at NORAD, but Cadence and her team find they are now threatened by the very people they believed were coming to their aid. When General Winters orders the barrage of Colorado Springs and the destruction of the Dark Angels and the Earth Core, Cadence and her team are separated. The remains of the Vescali, a race brought through the monolith by the Kaiser, are secretly working with General Winters to use Cadences blood to create a toxin that will kill everyone infected with the virus. Meanwhile, a new and more powerful breed of zombie called the Shirka have risen from an act of kindness of Dragon’s part. While Thor and Dragon lead the Earth Core in battle against the Shirka, its up to Rose and DAquila, a vampire lord, to rescue Cadence, who has been captured by the U.S. military for experimentation, and Logan, now a powerful vampyr in charge of the Blood Syndicate, in the hopes to prevent worldwide genocide.

Book 5: Immortal Hearts


Now in command of the Gods of Light, Cadence rallies ancient gods to her banner in order to battle Mars, Odin, and the Gods of Darkness. The Vescali seek out Dodger and convince him to work with them to kill the Gods of Darkness, under the pretense that they are in league with Chancellor Logan and his eight vampyr council members that control key international cities. Cadence leads a small task force to rescue Apollo and Athena from the clutches of Hades, while Poseidon secures the help of the U.S. military and a gathering NATO fleet to defeat Mars and Odins supernatural army. After traveling to Caceri to face Hades, Cadence learns the monoliths are being used the armies of the Gods of Darkness into position and with her team scattered all over the globe, she must reunite them to battle over land and sea against Odin and Mars. Whoever wins, however, will have to face Chancellor Logan, the Blood Syndicate, and the Vescali who are biding their time before they make their true intentions known.

Book 6: Bloodlines: Exordium

Legends are always based on some form of the truth.  


Bloodlines: Exordium, Vol. 1, follows the saga of Logan Bennet left behind by the Earth Corps in the 13th century. By forming the Blood Knights—an organization of vampires sworn to defend the human race during a time England and Scotland are at war—Logan’s rash decisions lead to a chain of events that threaten the future.            

With the Earth Corps’ defeat of Odin and Aries, the Blood Syndicate, led by Chancellor Logan, assumes the task of rebuilding international cities. His ‘Tolerance Act’ allows all Supernatural creatures to live together in harmony, but this is far from the truth.  


The Dark Angels, forced to join the Syndicate, discover an army of the undead frozen in the hell dimension of Caceri. Meanwhile, Agent Parish and the Blood Knights, now employed as Syndicate time travel agents, use the Babylonian Stones to travel to the past to retrieve influential historical figures. Unless the Dark Angels and Agent Parish unravel the mystery behind the Syndicate’s darker purpose, the human race, which includes zombies cured by the Earth Corps, may once more be on the brink of total annihilation.


‘First comes the Dark, then Fire, Fang, and Flood.’

Bloodlines: Medius, book 2, finds Logan Bennet and his mother, Lenora,

in Miami with the remnants of the Dark Angels. Shirkas—a species of super-zombies—are harassing the coastline. The Blood Syndicate and U.S. military defend the Wall of Liberty that surrounds the city, the only thing standing between the inhabitants and the horde. However, the Centauro rebels may have a solution—kill the High Council members, whom they believe control the zombies, and destroy the Babylonian Stones to prevent TTD agents from time-traveling. And they want the Dark Angels to help.

Dark mysteries and demonic rituals threaten the survivors of a war-torn world. Cadence and the Earth Corps are needed to prevent a hellish uprising, but where are they? And if Picasso, Logan, or Parish can find them, will they be able to stop the demons, or is this the beginning of Armageddon?


‘People will do anything when they are desperate.’


Bloodlines: Ultimum, book 3, unfolds amidst the Battle of Miami. The Shirka are spread throughout the world, attacking every Syndicate-held city along with the Earth Corps strongholds. While Logan and Lenora travel to ancient Rome and Atlantis in search of a powerful weapon to use against the demons of the House of Balan, the enemy gains strength.


Armies led by the Vescali Princes—Azazel and Samael—band together to fight Emperor Balan and his entourage of evil female demons and Caceri’s army of the dead. Picasso joins with the anidaemons from Atlantis on a mission to rescue the Moirai demon Ishtar and her sisters, who were released from the Babylonian Stones. Meanwhile, Mia D’Aquilla is possessed by a Moirai demon as Parish and Hansen are rejoined by the Blood Knights. With the arrival of Cadence and the Earth Corps, the forces of good have a chance to defeat the armies of darkness. Picasso, Logan, Parish, and Mia join at last in a final effort to defend the world from total annihilation. Emperor Balan means to rule the world, and this time, he does not intend to fail.


'First came the Dark and the Rise of the Dead—Next comes Hell’s Fire.’

Colorado’s Front Range is covered with prehistoric, man-eating trees, and Dr. Delilah Crane, a biologist at Colorado Springs University, searches with a team of students for the source of the infection as the death toll in Colorado Springs rises.

Deputy Stephen Babineaux, a/k/a ‘Wolfie,’ awakes in his bed to find the world has changed. Shadow people follow Stephen wherever he goes, a constant reminder he should be dead. When he hears Mr. Oracle’s broadcast that NOVAC Pharmaceuticals is behind the new outbreak, the task of finding missing pets for Sheriff ‘Nomad’ McClain is no longer a priority. Someone has tampered with the timeline and created tree zombies, and he intends to find the culprits.

Meanwhile, Captain Marc Powers (Highbrow) is suspicious of the pills NOVAC dispenses to the ‘Returned’ soldiers at Fort Carson. The disappearance of a squad on Pikes Peak brings help from Fort Bragg. The Black Company, led by Major Mix, has orders to use flammable chemicals to destroy the Dark Forest. Luna, leader of a werepuma pride, must warn Chief Chayton and the Cheyenne Mountain Wolf Tribe who are right in the line of fire…but every step leads Luna and her friends closer to a ring of conspirators led by a demon from Atlantis.


The Fallen have arrived in Colorado, and it’s up to the Dark Angels to protect the Front Range.

Chaska has come of age to take his father’s place as High Chief of the Three Wolf Tribes, but something evil stalks them all. While Sheena assists the Dark Angels and researches the true identity of the Fire Lord, trouble arrives in Manitou and Colorado Springs. Wendigo, skinwalkers, and wraiths stalk the forest, and they hunt for Whisper, the missing member of the Earth Corps who travels in the north with a sheepdog named Asmoday.

Ginger joins a small team to track down Whisper in Montana, only to learn the Native American sites are being used by bloodthirsty demons Below to come Above. Ginger and Micah’s coven, shaman Chenoa, and Vulcan must combine their magic against the Fire Lord as his evil allies fight to obtain the Grand Grimoire from Captain Pallaton’s library of collected artifacts once belonging to Balan. Written by one of the Fallen, the book contains the true names of demons and spells that can release the last Moirai—Nabessa.

In the battle between good and evil, the ‘Eternal Laws’ maintain a fragile balance of power. It’s only a matter of time before someone breaks God and Lucifer’s rules to turn the tide of war, and when it happens, history may repeat itself as it did in Atlantis.


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